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IIF Equity Advisory Group - Policies for Corporate Governance in Emerging Markets: Revised Guidelines May 2003

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In January 2001, the IIF formed the Equity Advisory Group (EAG) as a primary vehicle for leading financial firms with portfolio equity positions in emerging markets to strengthen the environment for liquid, resilient capital markets that will help support a stable and rising flow of portfolio and private equity to emerging markets. The Institute’s work on corporate governance has been conducted under the overall guidance of the EAG, co-chaired by Edward Baker, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer of Emerging Markets Equities, Alliance Capital, Ltd., and Peter Wuffli, President of the Group Executive Board, UBS AG, which released its report Policies for Corporate Governance and Transparency in Emerging Markets in February 2002. The views expressed in that report reflect the judgments of many of the most experienced practitioners in global equity finance today.

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