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EBRD TAM/BAS Programme in Albania

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Demand Side - Business Advisory Services

TAM activities

Since inception in 1996, TAM has undertaken a total of 37 projects in Albania, in a wide coverage across industry sectors and with a generally even distribution of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. Projects have been evenly distributed between the capital, Tirana, and the rest of the country. Of projects fully completed, 70% have been rated satisfactory or better. What has been identified as a key factor for TAM project success has been the degree of willingness and eagerness of the staff of assisted enterprises to learn from the TAM team.

BAS activities 

The BAS grant is a key component of BAS assistance, thus helping financially constrained enterprises to access consultancy services. A Grant Guideline Matrix is used in order to prioritise intervention to areas where BAS assistance is additional in Albania.

  • Size of enterprise: Higher grants are given to smaller enterprises.

  • Geographic location: Higher grants are given to enterprises outside the capital in order to address the large economic discrepancies between the capital and the regions.

  • Type of advisory service: Higher grants are given to support projects aiming to improve management effectiveness, to reduce costs, and to improve environmental management.


Albania BAS Programme 

Apartment 102

10th floor, at Rruga Abdi Toptani



Tel: +355 425 9439

Fax: +355 425 9439


National Programme Director: Neritan Mullaj

Head of Regional Programme: Miha Svent


Business Advisory Services, SME, Training, Grant, Demand Side